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Therapy for Families

Many families face conflicts that require the guidance of an experienced counselor. With the right care, families can find healing so they can restore their relationships.

Are You Overwhelmed?

As families grow to include infants, children, and teens, they experience both joy and difficulties. Sometimes, a family’s exhaustion and frustrations seem to overshadow the real issues that are at the core of the conflict.

Healing from Trauma

When trauma complicates family relationships, consider EMDR therapy as a way to more quickly and effectively process past traumatic events.

Finding peace again

Your family can heal

Family therapy enables families to recognize the root of the problems so they can address it and uncover solutions to relieve the negative emotions and stress.

With the help of a professional therapist offering online Christian counseling, traditional and blended families can begin to discover the cause of their ongoing conflict, address it, and develop a plan for healing.

How We Can Help

Through a commitment to therapy and the guidance of a trained online counselor, your family can navigate its challenges and overcome them. During online family therapy, sessions can cover different topics:

Conflicts arising from blended families

Improving communication

Parent-child relationships

Sibling relationships

What Is EMDR?
Who needs EMDR?

EMDR is a proven therapy that enables clients to address trauma and the resulting dysfunction more quickly than traditional therapy.

What does EMDR mean?
EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
Is online EMDR therapy effective?
EMDR through video teletherapy is equally as effective as an in-office​ experience. EMDR is effective because of the bilateral stimulation within the brain, regardless​s of the method used to deliver the therapy.
How do I know if I experienced a trauma in my life?
Any negative experiences you've had in your life may vary in degrees of intensity. They may be mild (emotional disturbing, etc.), little "t" traumas (confrontations, conflicts, bullying, etc.), or big "T" traumas (accidents, natural disasters, abuses, war, victim of crimes, etc.). EMDR can neutralize any negative memories that have not been completely processed and are still triggering negative responses today.
I suffer with PTSD, can this help?
EMDR is the gold standard treatment for PTSD. In fact, it was originally created with PTSD in mind. Since then, research has shown it effective for most mental health disorders, such as phobias, OCD, addictions, panic, depression, etc.
How can I start online EMDR therapy?

The time is now. Take the first step on your healing journey.